Just ten minutes from downtown Chicago and
The Loop, Montrose Harbor is where DIAZEPAM is
docked. With a breath-taking view of the Chicago skyline,
our sport fishing charter is a touch of class. Even before
we leave for the Lake you’ll be welcomed by our friendly
dock-side neighbors, dogs, kids and fellow fishermen.
Bring your camera and welcome aboard. Welcome to
the most luxurious and fun fishing adventure anywhere
on the Great Lakes.

The Lake Michigan
Fishing Miracle

30 years ago Lake Michigan was basically a dead zone
for fishing, due to the invasion of alewives through
Canada. In the 50’s and 60’s it was common to see
massive drifts of dead alewives on our beaches,
which changed Chicago’s beautiful long stretches of
sand into unpleasant and smelly zones to be avoided.
Then Pacific Coho Salmon—and later Chinook— were
introduced to Lake Michigan and suddenly the alewives
had a predator. Quickly the native Lake Trout returned and
the Salmon flourished. And fishing boats like DIAZEPAM
began to appear. Sport fishing regained its rightful place
as one of Chicago’s most cherished and fun diversions.
Montrose Harbor