Q: What should I wear?

In Spring and Fall a light jacket is always a good idea. Deck shoes, tennis shoes and other white-bottomed shoes are appropriate. Please avoid leather soles as they mar the deck. We recommend a hat. And if rain is predicted, light rain gear is a good idea.
Q: Do I need to bring any fishing gear?

We provide all the bait and tackle you need.
Q: Do I need to buy a fishing license?

Yes, but we have them on board; a one-day IL fishing license
per person.
Q: Do you provide food and beverages?

We always have hot coffee on board. Many people like to bring
their own picnic lunch, drinks and alcoholic beverages.
Q: Can we customize our departure and arrival times?

Absolutely! We know not everyone wants to start fishing at 5AM.
And while we are happy to start early, just let us know what time is good for you.
Q: Are your trips for hard-core fishermen only?

No, many people love to just sightsee, sunbathe, swim,
go tubing or enjoy watching us fish. We even have video games, satellite tv and other diversions for families.
Q: What if I get seasick?

While our ship is among the most stable on the Lake,
for people who are prone to motion sickness we recommend
an over-the-counter Dramamine the night before, or up to
one hour before departure, at the latest.
Q: Can I “catch-and-release”?

Some people do, and we welcome that. On the other hand,
the fish we catch are really delicious to eat . We will clean and bag
your fish for you and we have an on-board freezer for storage. As the
Lake is regularly stocked with fish, there is no danger of over-fishing.
Q: We have 8 people in our party. Can we squeeze in a couple of extra folks?

Sorry, our vessel is strictly licensed by the US Coast Guard for 6. Your safety is our number one concern. Of course catching fish and having fun are a close second! And if you need a 2nd boat,
we'll happily arrange it.
Q: What about bad weather?

With both heat and air-conditioning on-board, comfortable conditions are assured. In addition, we closely monitor NOAA for Lake conditions, including potential thunderstorms and wind. Should there be a questionable forecast, we will call you the night before.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We require a $300 deposit for each trip. We will re-schedule should you need to cancel for good reason, but since we customize every trip for your needs, late cancellations cause us to lose that day on the lake.